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$50.00 basic Delivery Charge for all Purchases under $1,000.00.

$80.00 delivery charge for all two-person deliveries under $1,000.00.

$140.00 delivery charge for all three-person deliveries under $1,000.00.

Please add an additional $60.00 for each additional person thereafter.  We will determine if additional personnel are necessary for the safe completion of your delivery.

For deliveries totaling $1,000.00 or more, we will provide a maximum $40.00 credit towards the delivery fee, all applicable additional handling and delivery travel charges will always apply.  In order for the delivery fee to be reduced by $40.00, we must physically be delivering products with a net receipt sub-total of $1,000.00 or more. 

Additional Travel Charges: $15 charge when delivery is beyond Padaro Lane to the south, Turnpike Road to the north, or up San Marcos Pass Road.  We do not deliver past Bates Road to the south, Winchester Canyon Road to the north, or Painted Cave Rd. to the east.

Additional Pallet Charges: One pallet of goods no extra charge.  There is a $10.00 charge for each additional partial pallet or pallets of bagged goods, bricks, blocks, stepping stones, etc.  The additional pallet charge will be waived if the amount on the extra pallet is 10% or less of a full pallet quantity.  For example, if a customer purchased 105 bags of mulch (50 per pallet), we would charge the customer one $10.00 fee for the second pallet and the partial third pallet would be included.  If the customer purchased just one more bag, then we would charge them $20.00 for two extra pallets (6 bags is 12% of a full pallet).    

Additional Fountain Set-Up Charges: add an extra $30.00 for each fountain needing set-up. If a fountain requires 3 or more people to set-up, then the fountain set-up charge will be $60.00 per fountain, plus any additional delivery personnel charges that apply.

Additional Delivery Trip Charges: for each truck load over 4000 lbs. it will require an additional trip charge of $40.00 per trip for one person, $70.00 for two, & $130.00 for three.